Jelly Defense For PC

Jelly Defense is an awesome iPhone game, featuring great colorful graphics, awesome plot, thrilling music and brilliant game play. Jelly Defense is fun to an amazing one of a kind game, and its no wonder that fans kept demanding a version of it for their computer, and they got what they’ve asked for – Jelly Defense For PC!

You, as the leader of the Jelly nation are intrusted to fight off the upcoming Jelly invaders! Join the Jelly Army and become part of the resistance! Lead them to victory by using all your tactical skills, wisdom and brilliant strategical mind! Jelly defense is not your regular tower defense game, as it will be much more complicated to stop the jelly hungry aliens, that want nothing but…Jelly. And green crystals!

Sounds easy? Think again!

Jelly Defense is the next generation of tower defense games. Here, you’ll be able to sell towers at a fast rate to save every bit of cash (and believe me, you’ll need it!) to fight off the aggressors! Ever dreamed about losing your self in a sea of golden coins? Well you will in this game, because there will be bursts of endless golden coins you’ll have to collect in a manner of seconds, so get your fingers tapping!

But wait, there’s more! There are many different kinds of aliens to ward off, so you’ll need to experiment and use every bit of wits you have to build the best towers to stop them! You simply can’t afford to lose any green crystals, because you’ll need these bonus further in the game so fight for their survival! These poor little Jellies rely only on you, you won’t disappoint them… Right?!

Amazing adventure awaits you!

Step up as the Jelly general and tip the scales towards complete victory against the  in this uneven battle! You’ll have to use every bit of intellect you have, scrap every loose change you find, and position these towers in the best possible way to can, because a horde of Jelly invaders are coming to get you! Invent new defense towers using the wisdom tree, and decide which one’s to build in order to save the Jelly Nation!

Prove you got what it takes and be the one and only – Jelly Savior!

Get Jelly Defense for PC now and find yourself trapped in an amazing, colorful beautiful planet! Build glorious defense towers, use magic and fight to the last breathe against an army of brutal Jelly monsters!