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 Jelly Defense is a tower defense game, in which you protect your peaceful Jelly colony from the wrath of the nasty alien invasion. Once upon a time, in a galaxy not that far from our own lived a peace seeking Jelly nation that mind their own business. One day, a not so peaceful alien race appeared and threatened the Jelly people (people!?) ever since!

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Build jelly towers to defeat the upcoming alien invasion! Choose from more than 30 different Jelly towers, to stop the massive hordes of alien waves that threaten to destroy your colony. Build Jelly zappers, incinerators, catapults, and more! Use strategy, advanced tactics and courage to save the peaceful Jellies from complete destruction!

Fight alien monsters and big bosses, compete with people online, dominate the multi player leader boards and get all the achievements and power ups you can! The jelly nation’s world is huge – so many characters to choose from, dozens of game levels and many monsters types to beat! Jelly Defense is simple, fun & challenging!

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The Jelly Nation is huge – fight off the alien invasion in more than 20 different areas in the Jelly Planet! Discover and explore new unknown territories and use powerful green crystals to formulate new jelly defense towers! The great is has stunning graphics, great design and cool characters!

Jelly Defense is en EPIC turret defense game!

Save the peaceful jelly kingdom from the upcoming alien invasion – Use strategy, place well positioned jelly towers, pick your towers careful and plan your battle a head! Read our special in-game Secrets to find out more!

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